quinta-feira, 29 de setembro de 2011

Como apoyar a la escena punk

1. Support the bands. The bands have it harder than ever right now. The money you spend on a record is not going to some big corporation. The money you are spending is making it so the band can afford to put out new releases, since in most cases the record labels are also having problems, or they are putting the record out on their own completely. We need to get it out of our heads that there are rich people paying bands to put out records. It simply is not the case.

2. Support the venues. The venues that put on punk shows need help. Help with promotion, passing out fliers, and help making sure that people are not doing things to get the place shut down. If one of your friends is out front smashing 40s, or fighting then tell them to do it elsewhere. In many cases the first ones to complain there are no shows are the ones causing the problems, or doing nothing to fix them. Instead of complaining, volunteer at your local venue. Help them promote shows by hanging up fliers, or helping them promote on the Internet. Get to know the people who work at your local venue on a first name basis.

3. Support the shops. If you still have a local record shop in your area then get out of the house, volunteer at your local record shop and help out where you can, and meet some great people! Help build the community.

4. Put on benefit shows to help bands raise enough money for touring and releasing records. We all know the challenges the bands face. Let’s help them be successful. This is OUR music.

5. Be a role model. Punk is not an excuse to be drunk 24/7 and being an asshole to others for no reason. Not caring has nothing to do with punk. If you don’t want to take part in making things better, then get out of the way for those who do.

6. Give back to the scene. This is key. Do not just take. Give back in your own way. Start a ‘zine, a website, a band, put on shows, start a distro, make clothes, ANYTHING. Do not just consume. Always give back what you can. This will help the scene grow, and inspire others to do something, it will also give you pride in your scene.

7. Get out of the house. Meet people face to face, and have in-person conversations! Nothing is more personal than talking face to face. Text messaging and social networking are NOT replacements for in-person communication.

8. Be proud to be punk! and being a good human being!


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