quarta-feira, 25 de maio de 2011

social network generation = TV generation?

Todos hacia la corriente
Gustando una causa sin aportar ningun esfuerzo o pensamiento
1 millon de personas gustando lo mismo
1 millon de personas en la pereza de uno mismo
no importa nada. solo un click en el mouse.

Esto no tiene sentido, diluye el valor de la interaccion social.
Las causas reales van agua abajo con interacciones superficiales atraves de un trabajo.
Amigos pokemon, solo los coleccionas
extrañando los dias de interaccion personal.

Translating... im talking in a forum right now... so these are some of the opinions... the first paragraph is mine. (http://www.punkrockers.com/vbforum/showthread.php?t=21582)
theres something about social networks that i cant swallow... i dont know how to explain this, but it seems for me that it kinda look like the feeling punks had back in the days against TV and all the TV generation...
im not talking about the internet but about SOCIAL NETWORKS like FB.
I know is shit, but i hate how everyone does some movement in a "pro-cause" action just because they´ve seen it in FB or because someone posted that in fb and everybody is LIKING it, and i hate that word EVERYBODY, im not talking about UNITY but the word "EVERYBODY" like everyone is going with the flow...
GREAT! its good that people are doing something and not staying quiet... but i hate the FLOW... if i do something i just wanna DO IT... not posting it on the internet to some punch of losers to come to the action and watch what im doing like some kinda geek.
because 'liking' a particular cause requires absolutely no thought or effort, therefore it has no meaning.

Whenever I see some cause or issue reported on and they talk about how a Facebook page has been set up and it has 'over 1 million likes', that just means to me that there are over a million lazy asses who don't care enough about it to do more than click a mouse.

Apart from watering down real causes that people actually believe in/ support, social networking sites seem (to me, at least) a gateway to shallow relationships, kinda like when ya see an old friend you've lost contact with, one of ya always says "we should hang some time" and never do.
"Friends" on these sites are like pokemon cards; you never use em, just collect em.

Most people are glued to their phones and computers from the time they get out of bed in the morning until they go to sleep. People don't call you much anymore, they text and facebook you.

I have never reposted some kind of cause to my profile like it was doing something. Its less than doing nothing, because you are pretending you did something you feel is good. You are now less likely to go out and do something because you have already done your good deed for the day.

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